Blog health tips are released

Without thinking last night I immediately register a new domain name ( tips healthy ), either home where I have thoughts like that, whether wangsit or just coincidence. My goal is simple, namely to play play PLAY and google adsense too, wish that until now has not materialized because the stage msih link building and introduction of google. All the major sites on the Internet must have one thing in common is that very many backlinks.

That's why I started learning to create templates where the template is very influential because there is a link backlink credit in every footer, hoping only that they do not have good barrier material and spiritual forms.

I hope these tips healthy blogs can be successful even though my ability because there are not much use bloggers as a media facility. not like wordpress very advanced with all his ability, but the blog still a blog, all to share information:)

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candra mengatakan...

wah.... blog nya mantap banget mas....
ilmu nya boleh diambil neh...
tahanks alot

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