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Best Twitter Applications - Twitter is a micro blogging and Social Networking like Facebook, Plurk, etc.. Although the ranking is still below Alexanya Facebook Twitter, but Page Rank is the social networking has the same value. There have been many who predicted that Twitter would increase compared to the current popular

Along with advances growing gadget world, the application used to twitter (post or view the status),. About Post and see the status of our following in twitter, not only by visiting our account on their official website. However, can use the applications created by third parties. But make no mistake, not all application vendors is the best way that we use. It may be in suspend our accounts by their management because they are also very uphold SPAM FREE.

Then, what should we do? We must be careful in choosing and must not follow other people who turned out they were Spammer! Applications that I use today is Twitterfox, twitterfeed, Website Twitter, ping.fm and hellotxt. Some other applications I've tried and I do not recommend that applications could be damaging our account.

According to data from sysomos, the top 5 applications are often used twitter users are as follows:

1. Official website Twitter: 45.70%
2. TweetDeck: 19.70%
3. TweeterFon: 4.50%
4. TweeterFeed: 3.80%
5. Tweetie L 3.70%

Many applications can we use it carefully, intelligently and should not be hasty to follow someone. Among the applications created by third-party companies

Despite failing to take care Tweeter Patent Rights for the word "Tweet", at least still be trying to take care of the Patent Rights "ReTweet". We'll see later wrote.

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